Dragon Ball Z Android 17 Figure-rise Standard Model Kit

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Muscles may be irrelevant to Androids, but instead of muscles, these Androids pack a secret... bombs! Recreate the bombs inserted by Dr. Gero in the anime. With this model kit, users can enjoy the unique experience of creating internal bombs. Of course, the Androids can also be assembled without using the bomb parts for a bomb-free construction! Wielding an abundance of option parts, Android #17's Barrier and Kikoha effect parts are created using clear parts! Android #17's signature Handgun and Gun-wielding hand is also included! Utilize the Android's wide range of motion to recreate scenes from the anime! The Dragon Ball Android 17 Figure-rise Standard Model Kit includes 2x effect parts(Barrier, Kikoha), 2x face parts (normal, angry), clenched hand (left and right), open hand (left and right), and handgun-wielding hand (right). The kit features 8x runners, sticker, and instruction manual. Measures about 6 1/10-inches tall.